[RIO1001] RIO CABELLO ® Home Care - Keratin Hydrating Shampoo La Queratina Sulfate & Paraben Free (4 fl oz)
[RIO1012] RIO CABELLO ® Professional Care - Step 1 Clarifying Shampoo Pre-Treatment (32 fl oz)

RIO CABELLO ® Professional Care - Step 2 Keratin Smoothing System Zero (4 fl oz)

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Professional Care

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However, for those of you who love super-sleek, frizz-free, smooth and healthy hair...we are here to take your aesthetic and expectations to a new level. If you consider your bathroom a mix between a high-tech lab and an art studio...YOU JUST BECAME OUR HERO.

All you'll need is a well-ventilated room, a glass bowl, tint brush, gloves and mask plus Rio Cabello's® Professional Keratin Smoothing System. For added treatment and nourishment your hair will benefit from a deep conditioning with a Rio Cabello Hair Masque after straightening. If you tend to have a sensitive scalp, we recommend the Rio Cabello® Safeshield Skin & Scalp Color Protector.
The formulation of the Rio Cabello® Professional Keratin Smoothing System is based on the principle that results matter; therefore, we use the optimal amount of active ingredients. We want you to notice the difference instantly. You will have no downtime and utterly enjoy how long your hair remains super-sleek, frizz-free, smooth and healthy.

HOWEVER, IN THE SPIRIT OF FULL DISCLOSURE, Rio Cabello's® Professional Keratin Smoothing System is so easy to use it will undoubtedly inspire women to share it with all their friends.

For hair types: Curly, Wavy, Straight, Frizzy, Fine, Medium, Coarse

Provides: High gloss, frizz-free straightening.

The extra good stuff:

  • Reduces frizz
  • Restores shine
  • Moisturizes scalp 
  • Softens & smoothes hair
  • Makes hair manageable 
  • Helps detangle 

How to Use: For PROFESSIONAL USE only.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water.

4 fl oz (118 mL)
Manufactured by Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Product Made in the United States of America

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RIO CABELLO ® Professional Care - Step 2 Keratin Smoothing System Zero (4 fl oz)

Not Available For Sale