Rio Cabello Hair Care System

The Science Behind Rio Cabello

12 Exotic Oils 

In addition to the vitamins we add, all of the following natural oils contain vitamins in their natural form. They help with nutrient absorption, UV protection & photo damage, hair repair, hair growth, collagen synthesis, and last but not least hydration and moisture.  For damaged hair, they create a healthy environment for the natural self-repair process.
Argan Oil, aka "Liquid Gold", helps keep your hair hydrated and control flyaways.  Contributes to shiny and lustrous hair. Reduces breakage and aids hair growth.
Castor Oil helps deter scalp infections naturally. Due to its thicker consistency it eliminates split ends (caused by dryness) by maintaining hydration around the hair and scalp.
Jojoba Oil is absorbed easily by the scalp due to a similar molecular structure to natural scalp oil.  Acts as an emollient and fills cracks in your hair shafts left behind from heat & styling.
Almond Oil is high in Vitamin E content which promotes good blood circulation and transportation of nutrients. Contributes to stronger, shinier hair that is less prone to loss.
Sunflower Oil is packed with vitamins A, B, C, E, Potassium & Iron.  Beneficial for healthy hair and growth.
Coconut Oil protects and reduces breakage at the root and through the shaft by binding hair proteins thanks to Lauric acid. Rich in Vitamins E & K, it also promotes circulation and has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-androgenic effect which stimulate hair growth and reduce loss.
Avocado Oil has natural humectant properties that keep your hair moist & hydrated. 
Olive Oil forms a protective coat around your hair shafts to protect and absorb excessive heat from heat styling.
Biotin Oil is a water-soluble vitamin that helps produce proteins essential for hair growth. Biotin deficiency may result in brittle hair & hair loss. Strengthens hair and stimulates hair growth.
Neem Oil helps soothe the scalp and reduce inflammation & fight infection.
Alkanet Oil soothes and softens skin with antimicrobial properties.
Rosemary Oil reduces excessive oil which can lead to greasy hair and clogged hair follicles. 

Sulfate Free 

According to the American Journal of Toxicology Studies, shampoos containing a concentration between 10%-30% sulfates can "corrode the scalp and damage hair follicles."
Sulfates can: 
  • Dry out hair leading to unnecessary frizz and stray hairs.
  • Irritate hair, scalp, skin and eyes.
  • Strip hair of essential oils causing it to look and feel dried out and brittle.
  • Even at 0.5% concentration, sulfates can act as an irritant.  Some shampoos have concentration up to 30%. 
  • Sulfates can increase the rate of hair loss due to their drying and irritating effect on the hair and scalp, preventing important nutrients from reaching and nourishing your hair.
Rio Cabello Keratin Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner is 100% Sulfate Free.  

Paraben Free 

According to the CDC, there is evidence showing absorption of Parabens through the skin into the body.  While the verdict is not out yet, Parabens also have the ability to mimic the hormone estrogen and are linked to tumors.
We’re not taking any chances. Rio Cabello Keratin Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner 100% Paraben Free. 

No Sodium Chloride 

Sodium Chloride (table salt) is used in some shampoos as a thickening agent.  It contributes to eyeirritation and may cause dry and itchy scalp causing the hair to become brittle and more prone to loss. 
An experiment conducted in the Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacy found that sodium chloride was very effective at combating head lice because it dries out the hair and scalp so well.
Rio Cabello Keratin Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner 100% Sodium Chloride Free. 

No Harsh Alcohols 

Rio Cabello contains long-chain alcohols which are considered good.  Because they have more Carbon in their molecules than short-chain alcohols, they become “fatty” alcohols which maintain moisture and cause the hair to feel soft.  These molecules are not absorbed because of their size, so they remain on the outside and flatten the hair cuticles, reducing frizz and detangling your hair.
On the other hand, Isopropyl and Propyl alcohols have a very drying effect on the hair.  Again, dryness can cause a whole lot of issues including irritation, lack of nourishment, and eventually proneness to hair loss, frizz, and hair damage. These are short-chain alcohols found in a lot of hair products (not in Rio Cabello).  

21 Amino Acids 

The 21 amino acids in Rio Cabello are essential for producing Collagen & Keratin, the building block of hair.  Without these amino acids, our Keratin-producing cells (Keratinocytes) would be unable to create healthy and strong strands of hair resulting in weak, brittle, damaged hair, and reduced hair growth and hair loss.
Some amino acids also have special functions.
Methionine supports the growth of fiber networks due to its Sulphur content. A study carried out showed that subjects who received a combination of methionine and Vitamin B complex showed faster hair growth than those who were only given a placebo.
Arginine has a vasodilatory effect on blood vessels in the scalp by generating nitrogen oxide which causes muscles and tissue to relax.  In turn, the blood supply to the hair root stimulates hair growth by making nutrients available to Keratinocytes.
Lysine stimulates production of collagen and deficiencies have been linked to hair loss. It plays a role in iron absorption which affects the rate of hair loss.
Taruine is absorbed into the connective tissue sheath and helps prevent breakdown of hair follicles.  By strengthening the inner structure, it defends against follicle damage. 

4 Vitamins 

All vitamins are natural oils which help to soften the hair and make it shiny and lustrous.
Vitamin C plays an essential role in collagen synthesis to hair health & growth. Due to its anti oxidative effect, it provides photo protection from UV damage caused by the sun. It helps keep the scalp hydrated, creating a healthy environment for hair growth and nourishment.
Deficiencies in Vitamin C cause connective tissue breakdown leading to fragile malnourished hair and scalp and hair loss.
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that penetrates deep into the skin and is absorbed easily.  It contributes to antioxidant defense as well as better circulation to enhance nutrient absorption.  While reducing inflammation, it absorbs UV light preventing the formation of free radicals.
Vitamin A acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and modulates sebum production in the scalp's sebaceous glands maintaining healthy follicles and keeping excessive oil under control.
Vitamin D has been linked to growing hair and helping prevent hair loss. Deficiencies have been associated with female pattern hair loss in women as young as 18 years. New research shows that there are Vitamin D receptors on the scalp that when activated can help regrow hair.  This receptor plays an essential role in the hair cycle. 

2 Super Proteins 


Keratin is the building block of strong healthy hair and any deficiency in the production of keratin can cause brittle hair and hair loss.
At its most basic level, hair is a helix of 4 keratin chains that wrap around each other similar to DNA. Keratin-producing cells called Keratinocytes produce these molecules using 18 different amino acids. As the cells produce more keratin, the keratin chains wrap around and begin the formation of a hair shaft both from the inside and outside. 


At around 20 years of age, the body reaches a peak in collagen production.  As collagen production goes down, there is less collagen to replenish what is “lost” or damaged in your hair.
Here’s why Collagen is important.  Collagen coats the outer shafts of the hair contributing to its resiliency to damage and maintaining its thickness. Without this layer of collagen to protect the hair shaft, a small break anywhere travels all the way to the end of the hair (split ends).
Collagen plays an essential role in maintaining the hair’s natural shine and smoothness, by protecting from damage & preventing split ends without adding to the oiliness of your hair. 
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LA QUERATINA Sulfate & Paraben Free
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